Lightest, Strongest.

“An ounce of weight in the hand is worth a pound of weight in the pack”.

The benefits of lighter poles are far greater than just less load to carry.

Experienced trekkers seek the lightest possible trekking poles because they are more “obedient” and respond quicker. Technique becomes more instinctive. Poles deliver more benefit - more stability, more lift, more propulsion.

Helinox trekking poles are the world's lightest because:

  • Tubes made from TH72M alloy are about 30% lighter than others.
  • Helinox tube diameters are created to exactly suit the application (not just chosen from the nearest available standard size).
  • Helinox advanced mechanisms provide improved functionality with less weight.

Helinox provides a range of trekking poles to suit you. Choose your particular model from the series that best suits your application:

Passport Trekking Poles

The lightest and most compact poles for moderate/arduous overnight or day trips. Suited to the wilderness, on trails and in the urban environment.

Ridgeline Trekking Poles

A refined balance of strength to weight with innovative locking mechanisms for improved functionality. Suited for mountain and ski use on arduous day trips or week long treks.

Causeway Trekking Poles

Uncompromised strength and sturdy locking mechanisms for the most demanding conditions. Suitable for expeditions, mountain and snow. Longer lengths, yet still light weight.

Where to Buy

Visit one of Helinox's international distributors:

Big Agnes