Ridgeline Series

Helinox Ridgeline Trekking Poles offer a refined balance of strength to weight with innovative locking mechanisms for improved functionality. Suited for mountain and ski use on arduous day trips or week long treks.

Ridgeline poles are available with a wide range of locking systems. Choose from either FL, DL or LB systems to suit your application.

The Helinox Ridgeline LB series pole is the only walking pole of any brand to get a "five boot" score (equivalent to a five star maximum rating) from the US "Backpacker" Magazine review (3 month field test Mar - May 2011).

Ridgeline LB locking system

  • Unique and innovative lever and button (LB) mechanism. Instant "flick" open/close lever to adjust pole length - vertical operation to avoid accidental disengagement.
  • Automatic "no need to touch" button lock secures lower section
  • Compacts instantly with just a "flick" to open the lever - the "easiest" operation - just ONE action
  • Lever "rest zone" (unique to Helinox) maintains constant locking effectiveness because the locking mechanism is not under pressure when the pole is compacted for storage
  • Vertical lever system operates two locking "cams" for substantially increased locking effectiveness without increased operator effort
  • Ball bearing button lock mechanism for superior durability and reliability

Ridgeline DL locking system

  • The DL locking systems uses a combination of two lever locks to secure the pole at the desired length
  • Each lever operates two locking "cams" for substantially increased locking effectiveness without increased operator effort
  • Features Helinox's unique level "rest zone" for prolonged service life

Ridgeline FL locking system

  • Twist lock adjustable length locking system
  • Simply twist to unlock, adjust to desired length, twist to lock again
  • Pole sections marked with measurment scales so you can easily set the length to your preferred position


  • Super strength of exclusive DAC TH72M alloy - the world’s best - lightest AND strongest
  • Ultra lightweight for best performance and technique
  • Quality foam grips with "wicking" wrist straps
  • Solidly mounted tungsten carbide tips
  • Rubber tip covers supplied - suited for pavement use or storage
  • Optional larger baskets available for snow walking
  • Adjustable length flexibility
Ridgeline Trekking Poles DL135 LB135 FL135 LBB135
Length Longest 53.1 inches 53.1 inches 53.1 inches 53.1 inches
Folded 24.1 inches 23.8 inches 23.8 inches 21.6 inches
Weight per piece 7.9 oz 7.9 oz 6.5 oz 8.3 oz
per pair 15.8 oz 15.9 oz 13.1 oz 16.6 oz

Where to Buy

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