Causeway Series

Helinox Causeway Trekking Poles give you uncompromised strength and sturdy locking mechanisms for the most demanding conditions. Suitable for expeditions, mountain and snow. Longer lengths, yet still light weight. Causeway poles are availabkle with either 'GL' or 'DL' locking systems.

Causeway GL Trekking Poles provide a “quantum leap” in trekking pole technology. Other adjustable length poles rely just on frictional resistance to carry the load. Helinox GL poles add “mechanical engagement” to massively boost load capacity.

Internal grooves in the tube engage positively with the patented locking mechanism to create enduring strength and toughness for the most arduous expeditions.

DL locking system:

  • Double lever locking system
  • Instant "flick" open/close lever to adjust pole length - vertical operation to avoid accidental disengagement.
  • Lever "rest zone" (unique to Helinox) maintains constant locking effectiveness because the locking mechanism is not under pressure when the pole is compacted for storage
  • Vertical lever system operates two locking "cams" for substantially increased locking effectiveness without increased operator effort

GL locking system:

  • Unique "groove lock" mechanism for heavy duty load bearing.
  • Simple screw lock style adjustment - minimal protrusion from the diameter of the pole.


  • Super strength of exclusive DAC TH72M alloy - the world’s lightest AND strongest
  • Larger diameter (18.5 mm) for maximum strength and stiffness
  • Thin wall for ultra lightweight - best performance and technique
  • Simple and positive length adjustment with maximum load capacity
  • Quality foam grips with "wicking" wrist straps
  • Solidly mounted tungsten carbide tips
  • Rubber tip covers supplied - suited for pavement use or storage
  • Larger baskets available for snow walking
  • Adjustable length flexibility


Causeway Trekking Poles GL145 GL145SSA DL145
Length Longest 57.1 inches 57.1 inches 57.1 inches
Folded 25.5 inches 25.8 inches 25.4 inches
Weight per piece 7.2 oz 7.8 oz 8.0 oz
per pair 14.4 oz 15.5 oz 16.1 oz

Where to Buy

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